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Digital Marketing Consultant, Advisor, Teacher and Speaker with 18+ year experience.

Mentor of: Google for Startups Accelerator, (Colombian’s ICT’s Ministry Accelerator Program), Rockstart, Torrenegra Accelerator and the Founder Institute.

Digital Marketing Advisory

It is a hands on process of knowledge transfer where i’ll share with you and your team the best tools, tips and best practices to optimize your Digital efforts. I will accompany you to design, implement, measure and optimize your Digital Marketing strategy, including (but not limited to) your SEOSEMSocial MediaOnline Advertising, GuidelinesEmail MarketingRemarketingContent Marketing and Web Analytics (With Google Analytics) .

I usually recommend a 2 hour session for the diagnosis/kick-off and 1 hour weekly sessions to follow up.
We will use ZOOM and i’ll share the recording with you after eash session.

Almost every human being can take advantage of digital marketing nowadays but it’s specially powerfill if you:

  • Have a Business and are looking to get into the digital world
  • Have unsuccesfully tried different digital strategias but want to give it a new try measuring and optimizing every step of the process.
  • Have a rol related to Digital Marketing and are looking for help to improve your skills.
  • Want to learn Digital Marketing by DOING.
  • Have a Startup and want to validate/grow/scalate your business.
  • Reduce your learning curve while optimizing every effort and maximizing your ROI
  • Add 17+ year experience to your team
  • Test every potential adquisition channel to find the ones with outstanding performance
  • Train and empower your internal team so they can mantain and keep scaling your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • No permanency clauses or hiddemn fees

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1 hour

100 USD

2 hours

160 USD

8 hour package

480 USD


The consulting session I had with Luis was an enormously enriching exercise, as it not only helped me think about how to better sell my services but also to organize my ideas and the foundations of my business much better. In addition to sharing his valuable experience and knowledge, Luis is a great human being who inspires you with his clarity, simplicity and professionalism.
Miguel González Palacios
Journalist and Content Creator
When I started creating my first digital brand La Lapita, I didn’t know anything about Merketing. The 1st person I met related to digital marketing was Luis. Today 2 years later, already having 2 brands in the digital environment, I declare myself a fan and active student of Luis and his Course. He has knowledge to give, patience, and a great gift to teach. 2 years ago I was ignorant in Digital Marketing and in its execution, today I am not an expert, but I have much more experience.
Astrid Valencia
The information and advice that Luis offers is always very useful, easy to understand and applicable. At Satrack he has been with us for a long time, training us and recommending tools to evolve the way we work in marketing.
Angela Arias
Marketing Director in
The advice provided by Luis was of great help and allowed us to learn about new work tools that will facilitate our work once we enter the world of digital marketing.
Vladimir Lopez Almeyda
CEO and financial director in Agroservicios Integrales Antioquia SAS (AMAY Chocolates)
Very good, on each discussion he always cares about helping us find a better solution that is consistent with what we are looking for and based on the resources we have, always clear, precise and easy to understand.
Francisco Rodriguez
Product Manager in Podnation
Counseling with Mr. Luis is very productive and generates immediate results due to the knowledge and professionalism of Mr. Betancort.
Hughly recommended
Luis Cuevas
Owner & Manager in Hotel Camino de la Sal
We booked an advisory because we needed support with a campaign in Social Media and Google Ads. Luis helped us to improve it and find possible flaws, he showed different options to optimize the campaign. We are very happy with his advice. He is an excellent person and professional. We love your recommendations and support. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Catalina Garzón
Creative Director in EatMe Studio
Thank you very much Luis for your very good attitude to understand my needs and give me clarity and tools on how I can evolve on my Startup. I’m already putting your recommendations into practice and seeing results. Great!!
Catalina Moya
Founder & CEO in
Communication was excellent and understanding of our case study was immediate. What allowed a fluent conversation and an advice according to the needs of our business model.
Co-Founder & Product Manager
Taashii IT Motion
Our experience in anna was awesome, exceeding all our expectations. Luis gave us a lot of tools to keep growing our brand. We will definitelly keep working with Luis for a looong time.
Andrea Laverde
I confess that it was difficult for me to get the money to pay him. BUT HE DESERVES EVERY PENNY! After the campaign launched, I started getting clients almost immediatly. It’s amazing! I will work with him again and not only that, I will recommend him, when the opportunity arises. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂
Tracy Herrera
Psychologist in
Luis has a very professional way of getting involved on each project and teaching with a very clear methodology.
During his advisory you learn a lot and you can implement specific tactics in your digital strategy, providing better results for the business project.
Eduardo Díaz

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